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I like to think that I am the real brains of the operation. I was born in Washington, D.C. and have lived here my entire life. Man I feel old saying that. While I may only be 3 years old, I can already say that I love to travel. Engaging new places and people always keeps me interested, as does finding new playgrounds, riding new public transit systems, and generally having a good time traveling with my parents.

If I had to pick just one, I would have to say that my favorite part of travel is sitting on the plane and watching all of the people outside before and after the flight. I like planes, trains, and automobiles, specifically buses.

I live off of a steady diet of carbs and more carbs, with a hit of milk every now and again. I love cranking up the Raffi while I cruise with my parents in the car, sometimes singing along to my favorite tune, Wheels On The Bus. Did I mention that I really like buses?

FUN TRAVEL FACT: I have a best friend named Milo. He’s a monkey, and he travels with me wherever I go.

Michael — AKA DADA

A lifelong wanderluster, I grew up loving to go to new places, see new things, have new experiences. I especially loved the journey itself, whether it was by car, bus, train, or plane. Some of my best travel memories are the times my brother and I spent road tripping with our grandparents facing backwards in the trunk seats of their Chevy Celebrity wagon studying road maps. Ah, the 80’s. I’m sure we had seat belts on.

Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, I moved to the Washington D.C. area when I was 12. From there, I returned to the heart of it all to attend college at Ohio University, studying Business. After a brief stint in Gainesville, Florida, I returned to Ohio University for part deux of my business studies. From there, it was back to Washington, D.C., where I find myself today, to become a consultant. I have always loved travel and I have always loved planning, and the time has now come to put those two passions together.

FUN TRAVEL FACT: I was in Ios, Greece on July 4, 2004. At first that may not seem all that memorable. But, not only was it July 4th back home, it was also the day of the Euro 2004 Final between Portugal and Greece. That evening, we watched as the scrappy Greeks did the unthinkable and took down the mighty Portuguese to win Euro 2004. This was not exactly the expected outcome, and as a result the celebrations were epic and lasted well into the early morning.

To so many it meant so much more than a sporting victory, it was a reason to celebrate together, a reflection of national pride, a celebration of what it meant to be Greek. That experience was to me a microcosm of what travel can be: a window into a place and a people, a way to experience something bigger than yourself, and to remind yourself of the vastness and beauty of the world. It was a day of celebration I will never forget, and one that I will probably never fully remember.

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